Great victory for women’s handball

The girls of the Montpellier-Frontignan agreement won against the Cannoises at Ferrari.

Saturday January 7, the handball players of the Montpellier-Frontignan agreement, the Seagulls of the HBF3M, offered a good match against the Cannoises at the Ferrari gymnasium.

The room and its spectators, accustomed to the Blacks and Gold, this time supported the Seagulls. Some know every square centimeter of the floor there for having been trained there in their handball practice.

The girls were not unworthy, emerging victorious from the match (36 to 35) with a very small goal, to the applause of Mayor Michel Arrouy, Céline Allègre, president of Handball Féminin Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole (HBF3M) and her sports director Laurent Puységur, and the sports assistant of the city of Montpellier Hervé Martin and his Frontignan counterpart Caroline Suné.

In Frontignan, handball is also associated with women.

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