great reaction from Sporting against Dijon

Three days after their heavy defeat at Saint-Étienne, the Bastiais returned to winning ways against Dijon. A success acquired with courage in a Furiani which awaited a reaction from the players of Régis Brouard.

« Pers’a rabbia, l’orgogliu è u focu, ci alluntanemu à pocu à pocu di i valori di stu locu! 30.08: Vergogna!« 

Friday evening, the banner deployed in the East stand at kick-off announced the color of this match against Dijon. Three days after the 5 goals conceded in Saint-Étienne, Furiani was waiting for a reaction from Sporting and its players. This took place well.

« Since the return from Saint-Étienne, a lot has happened between us, explained Régis Brouard after the Bastia victory. Between the words, the discussions, the silences, sometimes it was heavy. There was good energy tonight when we prepared for the game. It was great.« 

Despite a strike of encouragement from the accaniti of the Petrignani during the first quarter of an hour, the eleven turchini immediately showed a different face from that displayed in the Forez last Tuesday.

Combativeness, aggressiveness, aggressiveness and courage were the ingredients of this 1-0 success which was decided in the 55th minute of play on a goal from the untenable Alfarela.

Before that, Vincent’s partners had to be patient. Dominating, they tried to deceive Reynet on several occasions. First on a header from Sainati, well captured by the Dijon goalkeeper, then on a « firecracker » from Van Den Kerkhof lit more than 30 meters from the Burgundian goal. Reynet is still on parade.

Furiani pushes. On the lawn and around, the spirits are heated somewhat between the two benches. Halftime is whistled in confusion. In the tunnel, the tension goes up a notch. Security intervenes and everyone returns to the locker room.

After the break, Sporting returns with the same combative spirit. Only lacks precision in the last gesture. She ends up arriving thanks to Alfarela. Well launched by Van Den Kerkhof, the former Paris FC striker scored his second goal this season and delivered Furiani.

In the process, Van Den Kerkhof (also untenable) will not be far from doubling the bet on a free kick. Reynet watches. Ditto on this head of Santelli that he slams for a corner.

In the last quarter of an hour, the Dijonnais – reduced to 10 after the expulsion of Rocchia – try to react. Ndiaye loses a ball in the axis and gives Camara the equalizer. The post saves Sporting and Placide who had so far had nothing to do in the evening. The Burgundian luck has passed. Régis Brouard can raise his arms to the sky at the final whistle.

« The players were amazing tonight.he said after the meeting. In three days, we were able to renew ourselves and succeed in doing such a performance. It’s a Sporting that we like to see: committed, sometimes perhaps excessive, but it’s the Sporting that we like to see and we’ve seen it. »

An impression visibly shared by Furiani’s audience. Witness the communion – found – between the East stand and the players at the end of a match which had started with a strike of encouragement.

« We understand their anger, it is legitimate and normal, recognizes Régis Brouard. Tonight they saw a team and boys who were involved; they supported us and were super important. Don’t forget that we were playing Dijon, which is one of the contending teams for the climb« And the coach from Bastia to specify: »given the circumstances and the opponent, I want to tell you that this is a benchmark result. »

An analysis that contrasts with that of Omar Daf. « There is a lot of annoyance, because I think tonight was not a football match, indicates for his part the Dijon coach. We are very disappointed with this result because we had to respond but, technically, it was quite weak overall. It’s a match that was choppy with a lot of commitment; that’s not what you like to see on a football field. »

Thanks to this success – the third of the season – the SCB is now 11th in Ligue 2 with 9 points. Next Saturday, he will go to Nîmes (13th) to try to confirm this good result and definitively turn the page on the sinking of Saint-Étienne. This is what Régis Brouard asks his players: « continue in this state of mind and in this mentality ».

This is also what the public expects from Furiani. This Friday, it was served. Because the players from Bastia have known how to get closer to the famous values ​​advocated by their supporters.

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