Gravina on World Cup hopes: ‘No’ possibility of recall

Credits By Icon Sport

Gabriele Gravina, president of the Italian Football Federation, has poured cold water on all the hopes of Azzurri fans for Italy to sneak in for the 2022 World Cup.

Roberto Mancini’s side suffered a loss to North Macedonia in the play-offs, but on Monday former CONI committee member Franco Chimenti said Italy still had a chance due to the possibility that the ‘Ecuador be expelled. The South Americans are under investigation for falsifying a player’s documents and, in the event of an expulsion, Chimenti said FIFA would admit the top-ranked nation that did not qualify, to know Italy.

However, Gravina said after speaking to world football’s governing body he was assured that was not the case. Asked at the Federal Council in Rome about the chances of Italy being readmitted to the World Cup, Gravina replied: “Zero. Europe has 13 places available and they are full. If a slot became available in South America, it would go to a South American nation. We spoke to FIFA and the response was completely negative.

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