Grand-Cognac promotes the practice of sport among young people

Youth project

The Agglo pays community and municipal sports associations the sum of 25 euros per young licensee under the age of 18. 19 municipal associations were thus selected on September 21 by the Community Council for an amount of 29,050 euros. This is the case of the Mesnac basketball club: the 12 U 15 players, aged 12 to 14, from Mesnac, Cherves and Cognac, were able to benefit from this subsidy.

Usep youth project

Two Usep associations (Union sportive de l’enseignement du première classe) are financed by Grand-Cognac, at the rate of 2 euros per young person, ie 794 euros voted on September 21 for Usep in the Cognac sector.

Sporting events

Grand-Cognac can pay grants of up to 4,000 euros for the organization of events according to various criteria such as the level of competition or its influence from local to international. The Cognac Dauphins thus received 2,000 euros for the organization of the Meeting les Sportives.

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