Gramat. A boost for associations and sport

To give a boost to associative structures strongly impacted by the health crisis, Cauvaldor is organizing in five places in the territory of the community of municipalities a festival of associations and sport. For Gramat this event took place at the gymnasium this Sunday, September 5.

Ulrich Vrand, deputy director of the service to the population of Cauvaldor, in charge of this organization, specifies that around twenty associations and clubs were represented. However, this figure is lower than what it was during the 2019 forum. The aim of these days is to introduce the population to the various cultural and sports associative offers in the area but also to encourage registrations. At the invitation of Cauvaldor, Hélène Hargitai, sub-prefect, Huguette Tiegna, deputy, Christophe Proença, VP of Cauvaldor, Caroline Mey-Fau and Freddy Terlizzi, departmental advisers, Michel Sylvestre, mayor of Gramat, Françoise Garrigues and Michelle Poirier, his assistants, had come to meet the various stakeholders and thus show their attachment to the associative environment so important in our rural areas. Throughout the day the visitors who came in large numbers at the end of the morning, a little less in the afternoon, were able to obtain information from the managers of the stands. Some were able to attend demonstrations offered by tennis, handball, badminton, gym and cheerleading clubs. As indicated to us by the Volunteer Gym, the Gramatois Gymnast Club, Music Passion or even the JSG Handball, all these contacts made it possible to collect new registrations. It’s a little fresh air for all these associations who are still asking questions about how the future recovery will take place and what impact will have the obligation of the health pass imposed on young people from 12 years old from November 1. An identical party took place the same day in Bretenoux. Others are scheduled in Saint-Céré and Souceyrac-en-Quercy on September 11 and in Souillac on September 12.

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