Gradur offers a Porsche to his wife


father of two children, Gradur has had little presence on the French rap scene since his last album in 2020. And for good reason, he seems to be fully devoted to his family life. Now residing in Dubai, the rapper offered a magnificent Porsche Macan to his wife for her birthday.

A racing car at more than €60,000

Discreet on the side of his music, Gradur remains present on his social networks to share some aspects of his daily life, and not just any. Indeed, the one who remains very intimate when it comes to his private life visibly lives his best life with his family and in the four corners of the world. Posing recently alongside Ronaldinho or even Mike Tyson, the rapper who has just received a platinum single for his hit Stuff of things with Franglish proved, this Monday, April 4, that love really is priceless.

On the occasion of the birthday of his wife, to whom he has been married since 2017, Gradur has reserved a big surprise by offering him a sublime Porsche Macan with a red leather interior, a luxury model, the cost of which amounts to more than €60,000. And to mark the occasion, the author of Do not come back shared the reaction of his companion on his social networks. Something to dream more than one.

Instagram story screenshot @gradurofficiel243
Instagram story screenshot @gradurofficiel243


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