Gonzalo Higuain thought he could play in MLS “with a cigarette in the … / United States / Inter Miami / SOFOOT.com

He got the wrong destination, Trevor.

After the incredible physical transformation, place to the incredible revelation of Gonzalo Higuain. In the United States and more specifically at Inter Miami since September 2020, the Argentinian did not expect to land in such a high championship. In a live twitch with Christian Vieri, the former Real Madrid striker confessed his ignorance as to the true level of MLS upon his arrival: “I thought about coming here and playing with a cigarette in my mouth but in reality it’s hard. It’s a tough championship. » A direct message for Luis Suarez, who has been announced for several weeks towards the American championship. At the end of the contract on June 30, the Uruguayan could well put his bags in the stable of Davis Beckham.

A Higuain-Suarez duo in attack, it was a dream ten years ago.

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