Golden State: Warriors are keen on Green

Marie Mahé, Media365, published Monday, September 19, 2022 at 4:20 p.m.

The Golden State Warriors would not intend to let go of their interior Draymond Green, who could leave free next summer.

The Golden State Warriors have no intention of letting go of Draymond Green. However, the interior can potentially go free, next summer, if he wishes. Indeed, his 2023-24 season at around $27.5 million is only optional and he will have the final say on that. If he decides to stay then it is only in 2024 that he will be free. His current NBA franchise, however, obviously intends to do everything to keep him. The reigning NBA champions seem to be willing to keep him on their professional squad for many, many more years. This is what the GM of the franchise, namely Bob Myers, confided to The Athletic “Clearly, unequivocally, he is not a player we want to see leave. If we look at his importance in the franchise, what he has accomplished, it is obvious that we will do everything to keep him with us. I can’t say he won’t be here anymore, those words can’t come out of my mouth. »

Green arrived in 2012

As a reminder, the main interested party arrived on the occasion of the year 2012. In addition to Draymond Green, on the occasion of the summer of 2023, the Golden State Warriors could lose several other of its stars, who could therefore also leave free if not extended before. Indeed, it is Jordan Poole but also Andrew Wiggins. To try to keep his trio, Golden State will therefore have to take out the checkbook. Which would be no small feat. In the meantime, the franchise based in the State of California is already focused, initially, on this upcoming 2022-23 season, with, first and foremost, the defense of the title to ensure. A title acquired during the month of June. A defense of a title that obviously concerns Draymond Green.

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