Gobert’s teammate announces: « In a year, I’m the best player in the league »

The arrival of Rudy Gobert at the Timberwolves has suddenly raised the ambitions of the franchise, as well as the players. A star of the roster has also announced the color, he will dominate the NBA within a year at most. The competition is warned!

It’s a breath of fresh air that has been blowing over Minnesota for a few weeks, after years of squatting the slums of the Western Conference. Back in the playoffs in 2021-22, Chris Finch’s men were rewarded for their efforts with a trade for Rudy Gobert, who came to form an XXL racket with Karl-Anthony Towns. With that, the franchise has enough to get involved once again in the race for the post-season and even much more.

Because the objective is not simply to go to the first round, but to make the longest run possible in the playoffs. With a rookie like the triple DPOY in their ranks, it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion for Wolves and Anthony Edwards is well aware of that. Leading the team with Towns this year, the full-back has been approached by the media about the upcoming exercise. He readily admitted that the arrival of Gobzilla changed everything:

Anthony Edwards overconfident at Timberwolves

For sure, the addition of Rudy puts that pressure on us. I agree with that.

We will closely follow his relationship with The Stifle Tower, given their conflict during the past season. That said, knowing the guy, it’s not necessarily a bad thing since the n°1 of the 2020 draft also has big ambitions. He intends to be MVP in a very short time, and he reiterated his confidence in him during this interview. According to him, it will only take twelve months before he becomes the boss of the league on the floors:

Anthony Edwards on whether he still needs time to be considered one of the best players in the league: “Yes of course. I need another year. After this year, I think I will be in the conversation for the best player”.

That is said, but now we will have to prove it. Because Minnesota now has a target in the back, and the competition will want to kill the Timberwolves as soon as possible to avoid facing them in the playoffs.

Anthony Edwards is fired up after the arrival of Rudy Gobert, and he’s downright ready to declare he’ll be league boss by the end of the 2022-23 fiscal year. The least we can say is that he does not lack self-confidence. Remains to assume on the floors, now.

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