« Go eat and shut up »: Barkley humiliated by an All-Star!

In general, it is Charles Barkley who takes care of burning current players, and not the other way around. Except that this time, that’s exactly what happened… After speaking about the holders at the All-Star Game, the Chuckster indeed took a nice slap in the face signed Trae Young!

That’s it, the final results have fallen and we now know the holders for the next All-Star Game, on the Cleveland side. There have been a few surprises this season, starting with the explosive entrance of Andrew Wiggins in 5 of the West and therefore a big disappointment for Rudy Gobert, who also reacted to it. Conversely, Trae Young had more chances since he got his second appearance in the All-Star Game:

Barkley would have preferred Zach LaVine to Trae Young for the ASG

A nice reward for the boss of the Falcons, who runs strong individually this year (27.7 points and 9.3 assists on average). On the other hand, it is much more complicated collectively for Atlanta (22-25, 12ᵉ in the East) and this is precisely what bothers some observers. Among these, Charles Barkley had notably campaigned for two Chicago players to be in the five majors and reiterated this after the announcement of the results:

I love Trae, but I think Zach LaVine should have started instead.

Sir Charles’s opinion is legitimate, because ZLV (25 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists) is excellent for him within the Bulls who have long been at the top of their conference, and are still on the podium today. It would therefore have been anything but unreasonable to see him alongside DeMar DeRozan as a starter. Never mind for Ice Trae, who knows to whom he owes this honor, namely the supporters. By the way, he took the opportunity to slash the Hall of Famer with humor:

I am truly blessed 🙏🏽!! Thank you fans, I will always love you ❤️ Chuck, go eat and shut up for a bit 😂✌🏽

Trae Young took advantage of a substantial fanbase to be propelled into the 5 major of the East, despite the disappointment that are the Hawks on the collective level. If the opinion of Charles Barkley is totally defensible, remains that we can not change much in this situation, which suits the guard perfectly.

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