Glickenhaus approaches the race with ambition

Jim Glickenhaus is a man of challenges. Known in the world of cinema as a director, screenwriter and producer, the American businessman is also keen on automobiles. A collector, he has also set up his own team which is entering two 007 LMH prototypes again this year at the start of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. But, after finishing fourth at four laps and fifth at seven laps in the Le Mans classic, the Glickenhaus team is approaching the 2022 edition with ambition. “Why not enter this race believing that we can win? That’s why we compete, and we’re not going to be beaten easily, ”said Jim Glickenhaus in remarks collected by the British magazine Autosport. If he admits that betting for his two crews would be a risk given the competition from Toyota, the eccentric American claims to have a card up his sleeve, with regard to the « balance of performance » which governs the Hypercar category.

Glickenhaus believes he was successful

Indeed, while the two 007 LMH competed with the Toyota GR010 Hybrid this Sunday during the test day, Jim Glickenhaus ensures that the International Automobile Federation (FIA) and the Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO) , organizers of the world championship, have set up a “balance of performance” (BoP) which he presents as “fair”. Indeed, the organizers have the possibility of modifying certain characteristics of the prototypes to make their performances converge. « That’s all I ever asked for to have a chance, » added Jim Glickenhaus. One of these characteristics is in particular the speed at which Toyota will be able to use its hybrid engine and benefit from four-wheel drive, which goes from 120 to 190 km/h. The objective is to erase part of the advantage that the Japanese manufacturer can derive from its choice to have a hybrid engine. “I didn’t say I wanted it to be 120mph, I just said having four-wheel drive shouldn’t come with a huge advantage. I have great respect for what the ACO and the FIA ​​have done. They looked at all the data and it came up with what I believe to be a fair BoP. What will have to be proven on the track.

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