Glance acquires Gambit gaming platform

Indian society Glance acquired the Gambit gaming platform with the help of several companies such as jio or even Google. Valued at $1.7 million, the company is owned by the multinational InMobi and is the holder of the Indian rival of Tik-Tok: Roposo. For the moment, the blockchain used has not been communicated. The company is known for acquiring small businesses and expanding their offerings, such as its social network Roposo, present on nearly 400 million devices in India. It is a major new company in India that is investing heavily in NFTs. The country seems to be taking the lead in investment for non-fungible tokens.

A massive market

InMobi co-founder and Glance CEO Piyush Shah’s goal was to bring a game to his massively used media content in India. With several hundred million users, this makes it one of the largest in the Asian subcontinent. The CEO of Glance explains: “ Nearly 10 million people watch live games streaming on Glance every month. So our idea was to also bring live game shows to the platform « .

Interactive use

These live games would work with NFTs to enrich the gaming experience for viewers. This experience would materialize with advantages: the possession of NFT will make it possible to create strong “in-game” characters but also to list and exchange non-fungible tokens to help users earn and own.

A national bet

Glance is not the first Indian company to invest in NFTs. In fact, India seems poised to become one of the top creators and buyers of NFTs in the world over the next ten years. Indeed, national companies are betting big on NFTs, in particular by offering them to a very large audience. Interest had already grown considerably when Bollywood stars started buying NFTs or with the sport like Sorare of cricket being massively watched there.

There is still a new Indian digital juggernaut that is launching into the NFT. With almost a billion and a half inhabitants, India is a gigantic market and the country’s large companies are counting on the widespread use of NFTs in the years to come. For the moment, the Gambit platform is one of the first examples of this gamble and it can be estimated that the market targeted by Glance for its multimedia content will respond favorably to the proposal for play-to-earn games.

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