Girondins de Bordeaux – Ligue 1: Rémi Oudin, the man we did not expect in Metz

The 25-year-old midfielder of the Girondins de Bordeaux is definitely often where we least expect him. And in Metz (3-3), Sunday, we really did not expect to see him score a double and deliver an assist on the three Bordeaux goals. We did not even expect to see him starting at kick-off.

Rémi Oudin is indeed experiencing a sawtooth start to the season, like his performance since joining the club in January 2020. Before this match, he had only started 5 times in 13 games this season and his coach Vladimir Petkovic had not hesitated to take him out twice already at half-time of a meeting. Shy by nature but with an irreproachable state of mind, Rémi Oudin never made him feel his annoyance. He continued to work hoping to have his chance like this weekend in Metz.

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Today, his stats speak for him. Rémi Oudin is one of the three most decisive players of the Girondins this season with Yacine Adli and Ui-jo Hwang. The three men are directly involved on at least five goals. He is the second best player in decisive actions / minutes played ratio behind Jimmy Briand. However, it is still very far from being unanimous among the supporters. He carries like a ball the price of his transfer, 10 million euros. But he always had the confidence of the club. This summer, for example, it is one of the first players to whom the new leaders announced that he was part of the project. It is now up to him to confirm and restore this confidence.

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