Gimmick Studio signs new Porsche campaign with Cramer-Krasselt

Gimmick Studio was mandated by the agency Cramer-Krasselt of Chicago which holds the account of Porsche United States to produce videos to promote the Macan and Taycan models.

Aiming to rejuvenate its clientele for its Macan and Taycan models, Porsche collaborated with its appointed agency to create a campaign under the central idea of No Small Dreams. The main campaign videos were produced and created by Gimmick Studio, which signed a first collaboration with the Illinois agency. The team traveled to Los Angeles for filming and collaborated with a wide range of global partners to bring the videos to life.

From an artistic point of view, gimmick used a mixed graphic style (mixed media), where filming, digital imagery (CGI) and 2D/3D typographic animation blend together in order to achieve the desired result; this style of animation being appreciated and mastered by the Montreal studio.

The campaign, which can be seen online in the United States only, will be supported by an extensive media plan until the end of the year.

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porsche 2
porsche 3
Porsche 4

Art direction, design and production: Gimmick Studio
Directors: Gimmick Studio & Michal Misinsky
Agency : Cramer-Krasselt
Music and sound effects: Burning Studio
Customer : Porsche United States

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