Gilbert Houngbo, director of the ILO: « Nothing replaces social dialogue »

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Gilbert Houngbo, great guest of the economy RFI – Young Africa, is preparing to take up a prestigious and strategic position (he is the first African to do so): the management of the International Labor Organization, a UN body created in 1919 in the wake of the First World War. The ILO then affirmed a principle: universal and lasting peace can only be built on the basis of social justice.

Values ​​that the former Togolese Prime Minister, who hosted Bruno Faure (RFI) and Julien Clémençot (Young Africa) at the headquarters of the organization in Geneva (Switzerland). Fervent supporter of social and political dialogue, in all circumstances, the one who until then chaired the Fida (International Fund for Agricultural Development), speaks out on all the major current issues affecting the African continent: climate disasters, food and energy crisis, ecological transition, youth employment, gender equality, terrorism, etc.

Gilbert Houngbo is also questioned on other sensitive topics such as economic immigration, child labor, forced labor in Xinjiang, workers’ rights in Qatar, a few weeks before the opening of the football world cup. .

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