Gigi Buffon is on the list of the best goalkeepers: only one plays in Serie A

Gigi Buffon to the Gazzetta dello Sport, gave his top 5 goalkeepers for this season. The extreme defender also mentioned a Serie A profile that makes everyone dream with his saves.

Gianluigi buffon is now an institution when it comes to goalkeepers in Italian football. He was among the protagonists of the World Cup won by the Azzurri in 2006 and holds two enviable records in terms of honors. He won ten league titles and seven Italian Super Cups with the Azzurri. Juventus. The six Italian Cups, on the other hand, are a feat achieved in cohabitation with Robero Mancini. All this without counting the endless list of individual awards obtained from 1998 to today. Yes, because Gigi has decided to stay on track and is currently defending the posts of Parma in Serie B, for a homecoming that smells of romance.

Gianluigi Buffon is still in the running to defend the positions of Parma (Ansa Foto)

Gigi Buffon’s top 5 and the strongest goalkeeper of the moment

Inevitably, the opinion of buffonespecially when it comes to goalkeepers, weighs in the balance. The Gazzetta dello Sport therefore asked him for the five strongest goalkeepers currently in activity. The list also includes a name from Serie A, and maybe some indications in view of the Ballon d’Or ranking. The first name mentioned by Gigi is that of Thibaut Courtois. The Belgian giant was the star of the Champions League won by Real Madrid last year. In the final in particular, the native of Bree made sensational saves which, together with Vinicius’ goal, allowed the whites to win the cup.

The second place is occupied by Gianluigi Donnarumma, considered by many to be Buffon’s successor and a starter in the Italian national team since 2016. The extreme defender has often found himself at the center of controversy for his decision to move from AC Milan to PSG. Beyond his sharp character, his talent on the pitch is undeniable, so much so that for many the young man is one of the factors that allowed Italy to bring back the European championship.

Mike Maignan
Maignan in the top 5 of Gigi Buffon’s goalkeepers (Ansa Foto)

The name of Serie A

In third position, we find evergreen foliage Neuer manual. Today Bayern Munich’s standard bearer, he remains, at 36, the insurmountable bastion of the Bavarian team, which aims to win the Bundesliga and the Champions League again this year. He will obviously be present with Germany during the World Cup. Just behind the Slovenian Jan Oblak. Within the ranks of Atletico Madrid, the 93-year-old continues to make crucial saves for Simeone’s group home and away results.

The surname is dedicated to Serie A and will delight Milan fans. In fifth place is actually Mike Maignan. The French keeper was arguably the most decisive keeper in Italian football last year and helped the Rossoneri win the Scudetto. This year, he is looking forward to a season of reconfirmation. The qualities of the former Lille are however exceptional, and many are already starting to make comparisons with Dida, the legend of Diavolo who won everything defending the posts of the Rossoneri of Milan.

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