« Giannis would have no problem playing there… »

While he is the delight of the Bucks today, Giannis Antetokounmpo could leave Wisconsin in the more or less near future. The interested party has never hidden his desire to explore new horizons one day, without specify a franchise in the line of sight. This NBA analyst thinks he knows where he wants to play very soon…

Already champion with his Bucks, Giannis Antetokounmpo has the firm intention of repeating the experience this season or for those to come in Milwaukee. The ambition has not changed, especially since this team is still among the favorites with the contribution of Khris Middleton (on the return) and Jrue Holiday. However, a departure cannot be ruled out in the future either.

Giannis ready to leave the Bucks?

The Greek Freak is unable to know where he will play in 5 years, as he confided several months ago. He saw himself playing on the side of the Bulls, with the desire to discover something new in the league. A rather surprising statement, even if Chicago is not necessarily the only franchise on its radar. Jay Williams, former point guard, thinks an arrival in New York is possible.

“The Garden is a totally different atmosphere. An energy quite different from the others. It’s so special. Once you are there, you feel that it changes from others. Giannis has a documentary to trace his journey, to find out where he came from and where he will go in the future. I’m not trying to get him out of the Bucks and put him somewhere else. »

“But we know he has a 5-year contract at $228 million and that he will give up his last year of contract in a few seasons. There is something interesting about his past and the way he plays today. He plays for his family, something bigger than himself. He really understands New York and Madison Square Garden. When you think of Giannis, he’s not afraid to say “I want this. »

« He wouldn’t be bothered by the media if he left. Looks like he’s perfect for there. »

Giannis at the Knicks? We imagine that this is a scenario that will not displease many supporters. New York fans want to find hope, and Antetokounmpo would be the perfect player for that. However, a departure is not on the agenda in Milwaukee, not for a few years at least. But never say never in this league.

Jay Williams is convinced that Giannis Antetokounmpo would be perfect for the Knicks and their Madison Square Garden. We must admit that the project is pleasant, although a departure is impossible at the moment. But if Milwaukee fails in the playoffs in the next few years, everything is playable. The competition will be tough in such a scenario…

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