Giannis accused of hurting Kyrie on purpose!

Kyrie Irving injured, the Nets are logically angry. It is Giannis Antetokounmpo who takes a lot of criticism, he who is accused of having intentionally injured the leader. Explanations.

Beaten by the Bucks this Sunday night, the Nets are again tied with the Wisconsin franchise, 2-2. Still no James Harden, and now Kyrie Irving joined him in the infirmary for an indefinite period. The latter was hurt following an action with Giannis Antetokounmpo, and slow motion is pretty ugly to see.

The players reacted quickly on social networks, including LeBron James himself. It must be said that we fear a big injury for Irving, who will know more during the day. In the best case scenario, the former Celtics member will only miss a few meetings.

In all cases, a man is accused of having injured the ringleader, on purpose: Giannis. The two were in a duel at the time of the injury, and many fans pointed out the Greek’s gesture, just before the incident. The Greek Freak can be seen to move quickly and place his foot under Irving’s area.

First of all, it seems unintentional, since Giannis is absolutely not looking at Irving. But like a shooter, the gesture remains dangerous and you should never position yourself in the reception area of ​​a player. The risk ? Kyrie just paid dearly for it.

Giannis can be quiet, so he won’t be penalized. It’s just unfortunate for Irving, who hopes to have good news today. In any case, Nets fans have found someone to hate for the rest of the playoffs.

Did Giannis Antetokounmpo try to hurt Kyrie Irving? It seems very unlikely. This is a contact, as it often happens in the world of basketball. We can only regret the injury, hoping for positive news on Monday.

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