Gianni Infantino accuses opponents of a biennial World Cup of being « afraid » of change

Despite the many criticisms aroused by his biennial World Cup project, Gianni Infantino does not seem close to abandoning it. Better, he sharply attacks those who dare to criticize him. This Friday, on the sidelines of the CAF (African Football Confederation) general assembly this Friday in Cairo, the FIFA president said: “Those who oppose it are those who dominate (international football). It happens in all sectors: when reforms are looming, those at the top refuse change because they are dominant. They are therefore afraid that if there is a change, their leadership will be called into question. « 

CAF could support its project

Infantino added that his project would allow more selections to reach the very high international level: “ We can’t close the door, we have to give hope […]. We have to (notably) provide more opportunities for African football to shine on the international stage.  » This Friday, it is possible that CAF will vote in favor of this project.

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