Gianluigi Buffon believes Juventus ‘lost their DNA’ with Cristiano Ronaldo

The legendary guardian of the Old Lady and of Italy spoke in an interview with TUDN.

While he made his comeback in Parmesan soil to play in his training club Parma Calcio 1913, Gianluigi Buffon, legend of Juventus and Squadra Azzura returned to the time when he played with Cristiano Ronaldo in the jersey balnc and black. In an interview with TUDN, the 43-year-old goalkeeper did not mince his words: “ When I came back (in 2019 after an adventure at PSG), I worked with Cristiano Ronaldo for two years and we did it well together, but I think Juventus lost that DNA of being a team, said the 43-year-old keeper, still active. We reached the Champions League final in 2017 because we were a team full of experience, but above all because we were united. There was this competition for places in the grouge which was very strong. We lost that with Ronaldo.« 

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