Ghana: Inaki Williams closes the door to Black Stars

Ghana: Inaki Williams closes the door to Black Stars Inaki WILLIAMS- photo credit: icon sport

Published on : / Through Henri akodo

Born in Spain of Ghanaian parents, Inaki Williams has definitively closed the possibility of evolving with the national team of Ghana. The Athletic Bilbao striker justified this decision in an intervention on a Ghanaian channel.

Spanish international with only one selection since his debut in 2016, Inaki Williams still has the possibility of changing sporting nationality if he wishes. While he has been coveted for several years by the GFA (Ghana Football Association), Inaki Williams has just given a final decision to the umbrella body of Ghanaian football.

I am grateful to the country where I grew up (Spain) and become who I am. Ghana tried to convince me, but I was born in Spain, in Bilbao. I will never forget my family roots, but I feel Basque and I can’t rip anyone off. I would be comfortable with Ghana, I’m sure, but I shouldn’t be there… ”said the Athletic Bilbao striker first.

Even if he does not deny his Ghanaian origins, Inaki Williams feels much more Spanish than Ghanaian.

When my grandparents call, I speak to them in Twi. I admire and love Ghana, the culture, the food, the tradition. My parents are from Accra and I really love going there. But I wasn’t born or raised there, my culture is here, and there are players that would mean more to. I don’t think it would be fair to take the place of someone who is truly worth going and feels 100% Ghana. », He concluded.

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