Get back to sport this fall

After having a good time during the summer holidays, it’s time to get back to sport! But not easy when you work a lot or when you are allergic to efforts. The details of Martin Ducret, doctor and journalist at Doctor’s Daily.

franceinfo: So do you necessarily have to practice physical activity to be in good health?

Martin Ducret: And yes, it’s no secret that sport can protect against a multitude of pathologies such as cancer or osteoarthritis. Thanks to him, sleep is more restful and the mood improves. It is even a full-fledged treatment for people with chronic diseases. Moreover, the high health authority has set specific physical activity goals for good health.

What are these goals?

For the general population, the minimum requirement is to do 30 min of moderate-intensity cardiovascular exercise, five times a week, knowing that moderate intensity means that you are slightly out of breath but you can talk, c This is the case, for example, of brisk walking or cycling. These cardio sessions must be combined with stretching and muscle strengthening exercises, twice a week.

It seems complicated to achieve these goals!

Indeed, it may seem complicated. Above all, it is important to keep in mind that sport, beyond being a hobby, is a necessity! The example I give to my patients is that sport is a bit like brushing your teeth, it’s restrictive at first, but once integrated into your daily life, it becomes an essential habit.

Concretely, for beginners, you have to start gradually, according to your abilities and above all be regular. A simple solution is to join a gym, swimming pool or group lessons, be supervised by a sports coach if possible, and ideally practice three times a week. I can already hear you saying that it’s a lot for a beginner, but don’t worry! Once a week is already good for your health!

For those with less time or a smaller budget, there are exercise programs on mobile apps or on YouTube to practice at home. Finally, for already experienced athletes, the ideal is to alternate with several activities during the week, for example yoga and running. This allows you to work on cardio, flexibility and muscle strengthening. No offense to Winston Churchill who said that the absence of sport was his secret to staying in shape, rather remember that sport is health!

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