Gerson understands « criticisms and expectations » in Marseille


« Critics in football are normal, my transfer was high, expectations are high« : Flagship recruit of Olympique de Marseille this summer, Brazilian midfielder Gerson admitted on Friday that he was still struggling to »to liberate oneself« . Not often aligned by Jorge Sampaoli within the Olympian squad, the former player of Flamengo Rio de Janeiro and AS Rome was recruited for a sum between 20 and 25 million euros. What arouse high hopes, agreed the player, at the Marseille training center of the Commanderie, as part of the press conference scheduled before the meeting in Clermont on Sunday, on behalf of the 12th day of Ligue 1 football .

« The supporters must be taken into account, their expectations, they are passionate, who have dedicated part of their life to buy a place for a match, or a jersey, and we must give the best , and that’s what I’m trying to do“, He hammered Friday. « In football, there are ups and downs, I’m adapting, I do my best to meet expectations, I work hard« , He insisted: »(I’m) a little too stuck, (…) but I try to keep a good state of mind and focus on football, I have to try to free myself to show who the real Gerson is« .

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Asked about the parallel that could be drawn between his case and that of his compatriot from Olympique Lyonnais Lucas Paqueta, at the top this season after a difficult first year, the Brazilian insisted that everything was « a question of adaptation« : »It takes time for this, I come from a different culture and playstyle« , He defended himself, »but reviews, positive things can come out, and this is how I will try to answer« . And there is no question of placing the responsibility for his difficulties on the tactical scheme chosen by the Argentinian coach of OM: « When you start very small in football, you start in a certain position, at a certain position. But over the course of your career you have to adapt, it’s important« .


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