Gers: Bootcamp Challen-Gers 2022, solidarity before sport

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The Bootcamp Challen-Gers returns for its fifth edition, on August 28th. An event that combines sport, conviviality and also solidarity.

Obstacle course lovers will be delighted. The 5th edition of Bootcamp Challen-Gers will take place on August 28th. Like every year, the event will be held in Auch, on the Quad Concept site. « I’m still in the development of events, » says Jean-Julien Souques, main organizer of Bootcamp Challen-Gers.

Each year, he endeavors to change the events, « especially so that the regulars continue to take as much pleasure », smiles the latter. But as in previous editions, each workshop will require different abilities: precision, balance, endurance, speed, etc.

Conviviality at the heart of the event

But physical prowess is far from being the watchword of this day. « It’s a celebratory event. During previous editions, we have seen teams help each other, laugh together, that’s what we are looking for and what makes us vibrate! “, recall the organizers. It is in particular to preserve this family aspect that the latter have decided to limit the number of reservations to 20 teams. “For the moment we are at ten, there are places left. We are accepting registrations until August 20,” informs Jean-Julien Souques.

A way to facilitate the organization one week before the event. “It’s quite time-consuming. We have to look for partners, communicate and prepare the day from start to finish,” admits Jean-Julien Souques. In total, nearly 25 people are mobilized for the good performance of each edition. Among them, members of the family of Ilona, ​​a child suffering from Angelman syndrome (rare disease which causes in particular an intellectual disability and motor disorders).

A fundraiser for the « Ilona fairy of smiles » association

The objective of this event, beyond a festive and friendly moment, is indeed to raise funds for an association. “For 3 years, we have been with the Ilona fairy of smiles association. We are delighted to be able to help them,” says Jean-Julien Souques. Last year, more than 2,000 euros were collected, allowing the association to help several children with the same syndrome as Ilona. The midday meal will be organized by the association and its sponsor, Lazikagreg, will offer musical entertainment.

Practical information: August 28 at Quad Concept (Auch) from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Team of 4 people – €120 for registration (4x€30). Meals on site possible. Reservations on the site:

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