Gérald Darmanin apologizes after the incidents at the Stade de France in the C1 final

It’s time to apologize for Gérald Darmanin. One month to the day after the Champions League final in Paris, and the incidents that occurred prior to the meeting between Real Madrid and Liverpool (1-0), the Minister of the Interior returned to this organizational failure at the microphone of RTL this Tuesday morning.

The opportunity for him to present willingly “apologies to” all those who suffered this mismanagement « .  » Do I have some responsibility? The answer is yes “said Gérald Darmanin this Tuesday morning.

“No difficulty” during the following meetings

He nevertheless pointed out the good behavior of the three “ big matches » organized at the Stade de France since (the matches of the Blues against Denmark and Croatia in the League of Nations, then the final of the Top 14 between Montpellier and Castres).  » I made arrangements that profoundly changed the way the police headquarters work around the Stade de France, and obviously there was no difficulty « .

 » If there’s anything that went wrong at the Stade de France, it’s delinquency “, he continued, while returning to the measures put in place since.

On May 28, during the C1 final, violent incidents near the gates dedicated to welcoming English supporters delayed the start of the match.

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