George Eddy is loose on the Evan Fournier fiasco at the Knicks!

Evan Fournier’s situation in New York is quite infuriating when viewed from France. The rear, held responsible for the poor start to the season for the Knicks, has been in the closet for long weeks without having the slightest hope of getting out of it. This situation particularly annoys George Eddy.

The more games go by, the tighter the rotation of the Knicks is… In recent days, the highly contested Tom Thibodeau explained that he wanted to play 9 for a while, so he did not hesitate to put players in the closet. deserving. The young Cam Reddish, who arrived less than a year ago via a trade, should already pack his bags, just like Derrick Rose, who has always been protected by his coach.

These two talents, who can still greatly contribute to the good results of a team, therefore find themselves on the same level as Evan Fournier, still punished after his lackluster start to the season. Fortunately for the back of the France team, his name is starting to come up in rumors and a departure before the trade deadline cannot necessarily be ruled out. This fresh start would benefit everyone.

George Eddy badly destroys Tom Thibodeau

But before discovering what awaits Evan Fournier in the future, some still want to comment on his situation. This is particularly the case of George Eddy, who was rather cash during his time on the set of First Team, NBA reference on YouTube. Asked about Tom Thibodeau’s recent decisions, the legendary commentator did not take a tweak… (video available in full here)

I stopped respecting Tom Thibodeau when he played Joakim Noah when he had just sprained his ankle. He was on one leg, and that’s why he missed the London Olympics, the dream of his life. Thibodeau’s basketball no longer corresponds to today’s basketball. There, I don’t know what Evan Fournier did to him to deserve such treatment.

He just broke the record for most three-point shots scored in a season last year. And he did that by agreeing to completely change his way of playing compared to what he was doing in Orlando. Evan did all of this to please his coach, and now he’s trying to blame it on him. In reality Julius Randle is just hyper overpaid and he has trouble fulfilling his contract.

George Eddy went up against Tom Thibodeau and he does not hide it. He does not understand why the Knicks coach puts the blame on a player as determined as Evan Fournier, who arrived in New York with the desire to do well, even if it involved a radical change in his game. he will have a new chance, he will have to give regrets to Thibodeau.

For George Eddy, the adaptability of Evan Fournier and his services rendered last season should allow him to have a second chance. An analysis that Tom Thibodeau does not share, he is determined to do without the back …

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