Genesio pays for Longoria and Sampaoli in a punch-line

Zapping Goal! Football club OL, Stade Rennais: the figures for Bruno Genesio’s career in Ligue 1

A few weeks after becoming president of OM, last spring, Pablo Longoria had put all French coaches to his back by declaring to the Spanish daily El Pais: « In France, there is no French model of the game. Objectively, if we analyze the entire globe, it is one of the countries that exports the least number of coaches. They are not selling collective ideas. But the French player is exported because he continues to play in the street, especially in many districts of Paris, Marseille and Lyon. This means that they have an individualistic training that helps them make a difference, but they are not trained to be integrated into a model of play ”.

Bruno Genesio obviously felt targeted. In an interview with So Foot, published this month, the current Stade Rennais coach replied to Longoria: “I believe that at the start of the season, during the match in Nice, fortunately the match was abandoned, because OM was being beaten up by a French coach who has some collective ideas, right? I can tell you that there isn’t a day that I don’t think about how to improve my team’s game. To say that French coaches have no ideas and that foreigners have infused science, I find that stupid ”. The list of French clubs in the European Cup is however there to remind the hexagonal coaches are always two trains behind. And those who cite Didier Deschamps as a reference should remember that it was by going to Calcio that he became a master tactician!

Genesio didn’t like Longoria’s reviews

Stade Rennais coach Bruno Genesio does not agree at all with OM president Pablo Longoria, when he assures that the French coaches have no guiding idea. He dotted the i’s in an interview with So Foot.

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