Gavin McKenna becomes a prospect to watch

Frank Seravalli and Tyler Yaremchuk ended today’s Daily Faceoff Live with a bit of Garbage Time, with Frank talking about Gavin McKenna, a 2026 draft-eligible prospect who is on fire at the Winter Games of Canada for Team Yukon, and may be on his way to becoming the best player in Canada’s Yukon Territory.

Frank Seravalli: You must know Gavin McKenna’s name. This guy was an absolute star, received exceptional status with the WHL, drafted No. 1 by the Medicine Hat Tigers. He’s already had eight points in 11 games with the Tigers this season and is a 2026 draft-eligible prospect. He also happens to be the cousin of Connor Bedard, who is expected to be No. 1 overall in the NHL this season. .

And the reason I bring it up is that he’s tearing up the Canada Winter Games for Team Yukon, where he wears the « C » as captain. 17 points in two games. Yes, it’s not a misprint, it’s not a typo, or I’m saying the wrong thing. 17 points, eight goals, nine assists in two games. Incredible numbers that Mr. McKenna advances for Team Yukon.

Keep an eye out for him, 2026. Looks like we’ll be in flying cars then for a guy born in 2007, but remember the name Gavin McKenna. So check that out if you’re lucky enough to watch a video about him. This guy is coming, he’s the real deal, and the next one is coming from the Yukon.

Tyler Yaremchuk: Yeah, I was just looking at his numbers with his U18 prep squad so far this season. 36 goals, 37 assists, 73 points and he has only played 25 games. I think those numbers are pretty good and another exciting prospect to watch in the hockey world.

You can watch the full episode here…

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