Gasly on display in Austin with the Acura NSX!

Daniel Ricciardo was not the only one to make a demonstration on the Circuit of the Americas, Pierre Gasly was able to get behind the wheel of an Acura NSX, the Japanese supercar developed with the help of Ayrton Senna.

Scuderia Alpha Tauri driver Pierre Gasly took to the Circuit Of The Americas behind the wheel of a first-generation Acura NSX. This year, the Austin circuit is hosting the only F1 round on American soil, while awaiting Miami in 2022. And the sister team of Red Bull Racing also displays on its fins the luxury and sport division, Acura, of Honda on some. markets, especially the USA.

Gasly driving the Acura NSX in Austin

But if Ricciardo’s demonstration was spectacular at the wheel of his 1984 NASCAR, Gasly’s passage at the wheel of the iconic NSX was no less impressive, the Frenchman not hesitating to push the old sports car of thirty years.

The United States Grand Prix weekend marks the return of the Acura name to F1 after nearly 15 years, with Red Bull and Alpha Tauri having incorporated the brand’s logo into their car liveries.

In the clip, we see Gasly manhandling the first-generation Acura supercar, not unlike the legendary video of Ayrton Senna taking a prototype of Honda’s NSX-R at the Suzuka circuit.

Unfortunately, the lap was not timed, as the start and finish straight was occupied by other vehicles ready for promotional races, including the Ecto-1, presumably for the promotion of the upcoming Ghostbusters movie: Afterlife. However, after driving Honda’s first supercar on the circuit, Gasly seemed delighted with the experience, even proclaiming that he had to start negotiations to get one.

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