Gary Lineker Reveals Two Premier League Players Are Gay: He Hopes They’ll « Come Out » During World Cup

Gay rights in Qatar is one of the controversial topics when discussing the theme of the World Cup, which will start on November 20, in just over a month.

For Gary Lineker, a former England international and currently a great consultant in his country, for an international player to come out during this competition would be a very good idea. He explained in an interview given to the Daily Mirror to know at least two who play in the Premier League.

« It would be great if one or two of them came out during the World Cup. I know for a fact that some have been very close and have considered it. I know two of them, but it’s obviously not for me to say who they are“, he explained to the daily.

As homosexuality is still punishable by prison terms in Qatar, the opportunity would be great, according to Lineker, to send a « strong message ».

In professional football, guys who come out as gay are rare. A few months ago, Australian player Josh Cavallo went public with his homosexuality, becoming the first active professional player to do so. « I was hoping for a domino effect, » says Lineker. « Because there are a lot of players who have to live a lie. I’m sure it’s very difficult. »

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