Gareth Bale, a « golf player » with soccer as a hobby

Gareth Bale is now unanimous against him at Real Madrid, his departure next January will not make anyone cry on the side of Santiago-Bernabeu.

Gareth Bale will not be back with Real Madrid after the international break, as the international has yet again suffered an injury. Suffering from a muscle problem, Bale will be out for at least three weeks, as Carlo Ancelotti’s training will see his schedule intensify by the end of the year. As his contract with Madrid comes to an end next June, after nine years at Casa Blanca, the 32-year-old winger is driving journalists and supporters of the Spanish club more and more crazy, who believe that the player Welshman blatantly doesn’t give a damn about Real Madrid. For Ramon Besa, enough is enough, and this new absence of Gareth Bale confirms that the latter no longer has his head in football, at least with the Merengues.  » Bale is now a golf player who plays football on his days off. It’s the world upside down. Now, you have to admit that he’s an intermittent footballer. If he stayed in Madrid, it is because he was sometimes decisive when he played, but now he is more interested in golf than in football. », The Spanish journalist fumed.

Where does Gareth Bale play? In Madrid it becomes hard

And Ramon Besa is not the only one to have such a negative image of Gareth Bale, who has recently been verbally attacked by Real Madrid socios. «  Bale is a great player when he is in good shape. But I admit, sometimes for several weeks, I forget that he is at Real Madrid. I don’t know which team he plays anymore », Ironically Manuel Jabois, writer and famous journalist of El Pais. While it is obviously out of the question to extend his contract with Florentino Perez’s club, Bale might be well inspired to find a way out in the winter transfer window. At the moment, there is no jostling around the Welsh player.

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