GARD The manipulator plays with feelings and gets paid for a Porsche at 236,000 euros

Court. « He fell because he saw so big with the purchase of this Porsche « , indignant Master Coralie Gay who represents a woman of 75 years, psychologically fragile and under guardianship. Tuesday, the correctional court of Nîmes judged a file of abuse of weakness and violence by a person having been her spouse.

The defendant, a Belgian national aged 54 at the time of the facts, is suspected of having abused the psychological weakness of a pensioner. A woman with whom he had a relationship interested in believing the debates at the public hearing.

The victim, a widow, thought she had found an ear to confide in after the death of her husband. But quickly she will spend without counting for this man, already known to Justice for violence. The facts took place at the end of 2019 in Pont-Saint-Esprit, with a meeting, then a romantic relationship and finally embezzlement of money. The victim would have paid nearly 12,000 euros in gifts in two months, but it is the purchase of a luxury car, a Porsche at 236,000 euros that will trigger a complaint, then an investigation.

The accused’s dream, this sedan with 69,000 euros of accessories and options, will ultimately turn into a nightmare because it leads him straight to prison, the court having issued a warrant of committal at the end of the trial. « These are particularly serious facts about a particularly vulnerable victim « , insists during the deliberation Jérôme Reynes, the president of the criminal court. « But I didn’t want what she was offering me! I wanted her to keep her money. She was the one who wanted to make me happy, I even told her to calm down because she had a son. I never handled this woman, I ask for a little indulgence« , explains the defendant who defends himself alone at the bar of the Nîmes repressive jurisdiction.

A real manipulator

« His arguments come in total opposition to the evidence arguments in this case, decides the deputy prosecutor. He knows that Madame is very fragile: he is preparing her treatment for her, drugs that will knock the victim out. She is under his control and besides, when they go to buy this Porsche, the saleswoman is surprised at the lack of reaction from Madame« , continues the representative of the parquet floor of Nîmes. »He is a real manipulator, he practices lying on a large scale. He has knowledge of this lady’s vulnerability and is going to take advantage of it. He plays with feelings, he makes fun of this woman ready to kneel in front of him « , overwhelms the prosecutor Frédéric Kocher. A defendant who was also eyeing a madam’s apartment and who wanted it for life, « while the victim has a child for the inheritance « , denounces master Coralie Gay.

The respondent, who arrived free at the hearing, left between two police officers at the remand center. He was sentenced to 30 months in prison, including 12 months with a probationary suspension of 3 years. He will be prohibited from approaching the victim upon release from prison. The court went beyond requisitions by ordering a committal warrant at the hearing. The commercial transaction to purchase the Porsche had previously been canceled.

Boris De la Cruz

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