Gaming | Video games: NBA 2K23, always stronger

Writing that NBA 2K23 is a great game has become a habit. Like slamming a big dunk with two hands on the counterattack, it’s nothing original but it has the merit of going straight to the point. So let’s get this question out of the way: once again this year, 2K hit the nail on the head.

Jordan Challenge

Fifteen challenges from the career of Michael Jordan are offered.
Fifteen challenges from the career of Michael Jordan are offered.2K Screenshot – DR

At first they couldn’t miss this opportunity. Who says 23 necessarily says Michael Jordan. « His Airness » is naturally in the spotlight with the return of the Jordan Challenge. Purists will no doubt remember that this mode which consists of reproducing important moments of the career of « MJ » in the form of challenges was already available on NBA 2K11. ten challenges offered at the time have been completely recreated and five new key moments have been added. Combining gameplay and video testimonials from former athletes who have worked with it, this mode will undoubtedly allow a whole new generation of budding basketball players to understand why Jordan marked the history of his sport as few athletes have done in their discipline – except perhaps Roger Federer in tennis.

For those who would like to write the rest of the history of the NBA, the career mode remains a good workspace. A mode in which you can easily spend hours to see your player progress, especially since the famous « VC » necessary to improve your skills are always distributed in dribs and drabs after matches. The other solution to accelerate your accession to hall of fame being to buy credits… or to opt for the Michael Jordan or championship editions which grant you 100,000 bonus VC. If 2K is far from the only publisher to bet on micro-transactions, this economic strategy will not please everyone. In the news department, we note that this year, it is directly possible to choose the franchise that will draft you.

End of contracts and 3v3 between friends in MyTeam

In MyTeam mode, it is now possible to play 3v3 with friends online.
In MyTeam mode, it is now possible to play 3v3 with friends online.2K Screenshot – DR

What will please, however, is the attention paid to MyTeam mode. It is now possible to play 3v3 matches online with friends or Conversely to play « Clutch » matches offline. Above all, 2K decided to remove the system of contracts that had to be applied to the players on its board in order to be able to make them play.

For the rest, the graphics and cutscenes are stagnant. We are still waiting for the huge next gen slap, especially since 2K is known to be at the forefront in this area. The gameplay is still just as enjoyable, if not more so with a little less countering on the floor and an AI still just as quick to give you tactical problems.

The WNBA is enriched with the all-star game and the Commissioner's Cup.
The WNBA is enriched with the all-star game and the Commissioner’s Cup.2K Screenshot – DR

Controller in hand, we always feel the physical nuances between the players. It’s even more striking if you go from an NBA game to a WNBA game, the women’s league which has been enriched with the addition of the all star game and some Commissioner’s Cup.

In short, this year again, NBA 2K looks like a shot by Juancho Hernangomez behind the three-point line in the Euro final against France: it’s a string and it scores points.

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