Gameplay improvements in NHL 22

EA Sports has announced a first patch major for his NHL 22 opus on Wednesday. Several improvements in the gameplay have been made in particular by the developers, to the delight of the community. Here’s the gist of this upgrade.

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Many NHL 22 players have complained since the game’s release about penalties for goalie interference…and with good reason. At the slightest contact with the goalkeeper, when a goal was scored, the latter was refused by the officials and the offending player was sent off for two minutes. However, according to this news patch, if such a situation occurs, but the goalkeeper does not fall backwards, the goal will be disallowed, but the player who caused the collision will not be assessed a minor penalty. This is in my opinion the most notable progress of this new version of NHL 22.


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Corrections have also been made to the notions of shooting and defense. Thus, the deviations will be more varied and will be based on the hand-eye coordination score of the player used. One-timers from the blue line will also be more threatening, just like in real life. In defense, lifting an opponent’s stick will be less difficult and less rare, while you will need to be a little less precise before pressing the X button (or A depending on your game console). the poke check will be a little more difficult while the gamers who tended to press the button in question repeatedly (spam in the jargon of the community) will get two minutes for tripping more often than not. This is still an improvement in itself since it makes the game more realistic.

The developers have also looked into the AI ​​to make it more fluid, more realistic and above all, more intelligent. Indeed, defenders should no longer turn their back on the puck carrier in the slot when the situation is not right. Also, AI-controlled players will now fetch loose pucks behind their own net. Finally, AI players looking to position themselves to take a one-timer should position themselves more to the sides of the rink. Too often, the latter were positioned so as to be aligned with the center of the net, which was not entirely logical.

Finally, on the visual aspect, EA Sports looked at players K’Andre Miller (New York Rangers), Kirill Kaprizov (Minnesota Wild), Torey Krug (St. Louis Blues) and Nico Sturm (Sharks of San Jose) so that they look more alike.

To consult the complete list of corrections made by EA Sports, it is here.

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