Game between Toronto Marlies and Manitoba Moose suspended due to medical emergency with fan

An AHL game between the Toronto Marlies and the Manitoba Moose was suspended Friday night due to a medical emergency suffered by a fan at the Coca-Cola Coliseum.

The Marlies and Moose had played one period of hockey and were in intermission between the first and second periods when the emergency occurred. The ventilator was taken care of by emergency medical services and is currently in critical condition. Out of respect for the fan and their family, no details of the medical emergency have been reported or confirmed.

Play did not resume after the first intermission and was promptly suspended. The Marlies, who hosted the game, issued the following statement announcing the suspension:

« During Friday night’s Toronto Marlies game against the Manitoba Moose, a fan suffered a medical emergency between the first and second periods and was treated by emergency medical services. After consultation with both teams and the American Hockey League, a decision was made to suspend the game. The Toronto Marlies and MLSE are grateful to the EMS staff and fans who helped attend the emergency and our hearts go out to the affected fan, his family and loved ones.« 

The game was tied 1-1 early in the first period, with Mikhail Abramov (2019 Toronto Maple Leafs 4th round pick) scoring for the Marlies and Alex Limoges (undrafted Winnipeg Jets signing) scoring for the Moose. There is currently no confirmation as to when or if the game will be rescheduled.

The Marlies are the AHL affiliate of the Maple Leafs and are currently 23-9-2 this year, sitting first in the North Division.

The Moose are the Jets’ AHL affiliate and are currently 17-12-3 this year, sitting in fifth place in the Central Division.

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