Game 2 recap of the 2022 NBA Finals!


Who says late night in Playoffs says a little trip to the coffee maker to analyze what happened and share opinions with friends live. Are you joining us? Come on, coffee!

Right here, the link supposed to accompany all your days and all your nights.

Boom, it’s time to discuss this colorful Game 2 together! For the lucky ones, this Monday is really the best day of the week because it is a public holiday, for the others we will make you smile by taking the time to debrief this match in depth and depth. The Warriors sent the sauce on the Celtics, like a Stephen Curry thermostat 29. We also take the opportunity to go around the news, especially in Utah where Quin Snyder left after eight years on a permanent contract. Come on, let’s sit comfortably and let’s go!

Some go to sleep, others barely open their eyes, but everyone is invited to come and talk about the NBA with us. Did you miss the last come on, coffee? Don’t panic, we’ll give you the replay.


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