Gailloust referee of the match, little experience in Ligue 1, yellows and penalties

This Saturday, as part of of the 6th day of Ligue 1 2022-2023Paris Saint-Germain will face Nantes at the Stade de la Beaujoire (kick-off at 9 p.m., broadcast on Canal+Sport 360). The referee of the meeting has been chosen, it will be Pierre Gaillouste (33 years old). Which has only 19 matches in Ligue 1 on the clock in his career. He is not a novice, but has more experience in Ligue 2.

The man with the whistle will be assisted by Steven Torregrossa and Valentin Evrard. As for the role of 4th referee, it will be occupied by Aurélien Petit. And video assistance will be provided by Bruno Coue and Ruddy Buquet.

With Mr. Gaillouste at the whistle, we can expect that the yellow cards will be distributed in correct proportions during the meeting. Indeed, while the national average per game is 3.68 (standard deviation of 0.31), the referee on Saturday gave 3.37 yellow cards per game on average throughout his career in Ligue 1 (figures Transfermarkt). A low total, even if it remains close to the national average.

The man with the whistle this Saturday is a little more severe on the side of direct exclusions by being a little higher than the average in Ligue 1. Indeed, Gaillouste is at 0.21 exclusion per game in his career while the national average per encounter is 0.17 (standard deviation of 0.04). He distributes the yellow cards moderately, but can be tough.

However, Gaillouste is not particularly in the habit of sending off a player after his first yellow card, as he gave the same player a second caution 0.05 times per game on average. Which is all lower than the national average, which stands at 0.08 (standard deviation of 0.03). Which is quite logical given his habits for yellows and reds. Finally, in terms of penalties, the man whistling on Saturday is well below the average with 0.16 penalties whistled per game, while in Ligue 1 the average is 0.33 (standard deviation of 0, 17).

Nantes / PSG - Gailloust referee of the match, little experience in Ligue 1, yellows and penalties

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