Future Premier League final standings 2022-23 according to bookmakers


August 9, 2022 at 3:50 PM by Leo Faussemagne

It’s time for a new Premier League season.

The new Premier League season kicked off last weekend and will end on Sunday May 28, 2023. Victorious at West Ham on the first day (0-2), Manchester City (4 times champion over the last 5 editions) intends to defend his title but Liverpool, Chelsea or even Tottenham seem equipped to play the spoilsports. In just over 8 months, we will know the English champion team, the clubs qualified for the European Cups and the three relegated to the Championship. At the end of this exercise, we can compare the performance of each team with what the bookmakers planned for them at the start of the competition.

City favorite ahead of Liverpool, Chelsea off Premier League podium

Here below, the contours of the final classification of the 2022-2023 season, as imagined by the operators, after the first day this weekend. The hierarchy answers the question: « Which club will win the Premier League? » « . From the lowest odds, to those that pay the best (i.e. the least probable), here is what we can expect from this unprecedented exercise, marked by the exceptional truce between November 12 and December 26, due to the World Cup in Qatar.

Will bookmakers’ predictions be correct?

The favorite to win the 2022-23 Premier League is none other than defending champions Manchester City. Betting on the victory of the team coached by Pep Guardiola will not double the initial bet, the odds being less than 2 to one. Dolphin of the Citizens in 2019 and last season, Liverpool will once again be in the fight with their rival. The Reds have odds at 4.50, significantly lower than Chelsea, who are not on the future podium, according to the bookmakers. It is his London neighbor Tottenham who steals the last step from him, with an odds given at 15 (against an odds of 17 for the Blues). These four clubs start as favorites to grab the Champions League at the end of the season and Arsenal holds the rope for the 5th qualifying place for the Europa League. At the bottom of the classification, the promoted Bournemouth has the best chance of descending to the lower level.

Which club will win the Premier League 2022-2023 according to the bookmakers?

Manchester City = 1.50 to one
Liverpool = 4.50
Tottenham = 15
Chelsea = 17
Arsenal = 25
Manchester United = 75
Newcastle = 150
Brighton = 250
Aston Villa = 400
Leicester City = 400 West Ham = 400
Crystal Palace = 500
Everton = 500
Leeds United = 500
Wolverhampton = 500
Brentford = 1,000
Fulham = 1,000
Nottingham Forest = 1,000
Southampton = 1000
Bournemouth = 2,000


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