further proof that Lance Stephenson is an incredible source of inspiration

Absent from the NBA fields since 2019, Michael Beasley is strongly considering a return to the Big League. And in a season where many alumni have found jobs, Mike hopes to follow in the footsteps of Lance Stephenson & Co for an unexpected comeback.

Will Michael Beasley be the next veteran to play in the NBA again in this 2021-22 season? The last appearance of the friend Beasley, it dates from February 5, 2019 with the Lakers. Although he has not gone far from a return to the bubble in 2020 with the Nets, and that he tried this summer to return through the back door on the Portland side with a short stint in the Summer League, Mike n failed to return to the highest level to revive his career. An inevitably disappointing career in view of his talent. After three rather productive first NBA seasons with an average of 16 points and 6 rebounds between the Heat and Minnesota, the winger selected in number 2 of the 2008 Draft never really knew how to meet expectations.. He trailed a bit from right to left, passing by the Suns, the Rockets or even the Knicks, even going for a short trip to China to have a little fun.

But here we are, we are on a somewhat weird season this year, which involves a lot of comebacks because of the health context we know, and the winger does not rule out a return. A return that promises to be complicated given that it does not have the best reputation in the world, but like good wine, Mike assures that it improves with time and that some of the rumors about it are simply wrong (via HoopsHype).

“I am not what people think I am. One of the things I hate is when people say that I rely on my talent without working. I work so much, I put so much thought and so much mental energy into my playing, so many tears, so many mistakes, so many refinements and repetitions. Hearing that people think that I only rely on my talent or that my career didn’t succeed because I didn’t work is one of the things that eats at me every day. It’s one of the reasons I’m staying in the gym and working even harder. It is simply not true. »

Lack of work ethic, a few escapades on and off the pitch, these are the kinds of things that continue to stick with Beasley. Mike wants to prove that he can still bring to the NBA, but who today would trust him enough to integrate him into his roster? That’s the question, especially since it’s not the talent that’s lacking. Because basketball, Pam’s cousin has always had his hands full. A fairly formidable mid-range scorer, good rebounder, he could bring some options off the bench to whoever recovers him. In addition, we are not immune to it taking a little heat stroke just to laugh a little. On the other hand, if you are looking to strengthen your defense, go your way because he could almost make Melo look like a lockdown (ok we abuse). But when we see that some – like Lance Stephenson at the Pacers, have made a successful comeback – why not Michael Beasley after all?

“I know the game so well on both sides of the pitch. I want to show people that I know how to defend, and that I’m not just a scorer. I can impact the game in so many different ways.

I have never been so good. […] Over the past three years, I have improved at all levels on both sides of the pitch. »

At 33 and while the workforce may change with the arrival of the NBA Trade Deadline, Michael Beasley has real ambitions to return to the NBA. If he brings his scoring qualities off the bench, why not ? Then we would all like to see him flex on the field after a scored basket. So the Lakers, since it’s the alumni reunion at home, sign Beasley!

Text source: HoopsHype

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