Furax after ESPN’s top 100, Kevin Durant’s cash answer!

As before each start of the season, ESPN has fun ranking the best players before the resumption, just to make a little noise. Steph Curry must be unhappy with his place, but it’s nothing compared to LeBron James and Kevin Durant, expelled from the top 5. The latter has just decided to respond with a few words, which show his dissatisfaction.

If the collective performances do not always follow, LeBron James and Kevin Durant were still a hit last year with sometimes crazy feats. But with the absence of the Lakers in the playoffs and the sweep in the first round of the Nets, some are beginning to doubt the two stars, who are no longer necessarily the best in the league when you see the competition. Joel Embiid, Luka Doncic or Giannis Antetokounmpo are even ahead of them according to ESPN, in a ranking that did not fail to make people react people on social media.

Are we witnessing a transfer of power in the league? Will James and During are losing track with other stars? Overall, the answer is no, at least if we rely on the very hostile responses towards ESPN with this ranking. Although the collective performances are disappointing, we are still talking about two monsters, always able to dominate any player.

Kevin Durant motivated by ESPN ranking!

This story could serve as motivation for both concerned, since Durant is the first to love this kind of disrespect. Count on him to set the record straight in a few weeks when he reunites with the Nets for the regular season opener. But in the meantime, he was content with a few lyrics from a song to tackle ESPN after this ranking.

Look, those idiots are always involved because my name is always mentioned, in Langfield’s top 5 conversations in Gainesville, Florida.

The lyrics come from rapper Benny The Butcher in the song called « Uncle Bun », which Durant thought was perfect for the occasion after that disrespect. As a reminder, KD was number 1 last year according to ESPN, but his bad season with the Nets obviously left its mark, and not just a little. We imagine that the Slim Reaper will be keen to remember which player he is on the court for this month of October, just to make some journalists lie.

Angry by this place in the classification of ESPN, Kevin Durant was satisfied with a few words to answer. We have seen worse with the Nets player, whose next outing should be on a basketball court, with a mad desire to shut mouths. One thing is certain, we can’t wait to find Durantula with a ball in his hands after this offseason.

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