Frustrated, LeBron responds to Enes Kanter and destroys him!

Frustrated, LeBron responds to Enes Kanter and destroys him!  NBA

A.Sherrod Blakely / Spectrum SportsNet

Shortly before the opposition between Lakers and Celtics, Enes Kanter sharply attacked LeBron James on social networks. The King decided to answer him, and he clearly did not appreciate the comments of the opposing player.

If LeBron James puts everyone in agreement on an NBA floor, that’s another story outside. We know that he has collaborated since the start of his career with the Nike brand, which has the gift of annoying a certain player on the Celtics side: Enes Kanter. The latter has been doing a lot of talk recently, when he attacked the King, but also to Michael Jordan.

The Boston hub fights for human rights, and has repeatedly complained about forced labor in China, of which he accuses the Nike brand. But before the opposition against the Lakers, the former Jazz player took it up a notch by sporting anti-LeBron shoes which made a lot of talk.

LeBron tackles Kanter sharply after their match

So on the sidelines of the meeting between Los Angeles and Boston, we expected an exchange between the two men, or something to discuss the dispute. In the end, nothing happened: not a look between Kanter and James. It is precisely the Laker who broke the silence in front of the journalists, and he did not mince his words.

LeBron James has indicated that he has no desire to “waste energy” on Enes Kanter with the use of his image on his sneakers to draw attention to the human rights violation in China. He added that Kanter, as a man, should approach him directly. “He passed me in the hallway tonight and he just walked past me. « 

LeBron’s last sentence stings, and hurts Kanter a lot. The latter has laudable intentions on social networks, but such important matters must also be settled face-to-face. In the end, Celtic did nothing to try to find solutions and preferred to bow their heads, even on the floor.

Heavily criticized by Enes Kanter, LeBron James certainly expected a discussion his counterpart this Friday evening: it did not take place. Celtic did not want to settle this in person, which is nevertheless desirable given the stakes.

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