From the Washington Commanders to the LA Dodgers, the 10 most expensive sports franchises sold


July 23, 2023 at 8:15 am by Thomas

The Washington Commanders in the NFL sold for 5.8 billion euros.

There sale of the Washington Commanders, a Washington-based NFL franchise, set a new record in the history of sports clubs. The transaction between the Snyder family and a group of investors led by Josh Harris closed for 5.8 billion euros, a sum never reached before for a sports company in the world. This deal broke the previous record held by the sale of the Denver Broncos, another American football franchise, acquired in 2022 by the Walton-Penner group for 4.3 billion euros.

Nearly 6 billion euros for the takeover of the Washington Commanders

This increase in sports club prices is not limited to American football. American sports, such as NBA basketball and MLB baseball, have also seen their franchises sell for record sums of late. For example, the Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Mercury were sold for 3.6 billion euros in 2023, while the Milwaukee Bucks changed owners for 3.1 billion euros the same year.

But this trend is not limited to sports teams in the United States. American investment funds have also started to take an interest in European sport, in particular football. Prestigious clubs such as Chelsea and AC Milan have been taken over by American investors for record sums of €2.9 billion and €1.2 billion respectively.

Chelsea only football club in the 10. Waiting for Manchester United?

The sale of Chelsea is also a unique case because the club is the only football club to be among the ten biggest investments ever in the sports world, which is otherwise dominated by US sports. If the sale of Manchester United is carried out according to the wishes of the Glazer family, the rankings could be upset again, with the club’s value estimated at 6 billion euros.

the 10 most expensive sports franchises sold

Washington Commanders = 5.8 billion euros (NFL-2023)
Denver Broncos = 4.3 billion euros (NFL-2022)
Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Mercury = 3.6 billion euros (NBA/WNBA-2023)
Milwaukee Bucks = 3.1 billion euros (NBA-2023)
Chelsea = 2.9 billion euros (Premier League-2022)
Brooklyn Nets = 2.1 billion euros (NBA-2019)
New York Mets = 2.1 billion euros (MLB-2020)
Carolina Panthers = 1.97 billion euros (NFL-2018)
Houston Rockets = 1.97 billion euros (NBA-2017)
Los Angeles Dodgers = 1.8 billion euros (MLB-2012)


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