from the NBA benches to the small screen, there is only one step

You know Nick Nurse the coach. You know Nick Nurse the NBA champion. But soon, you will discover Nick Nurse the actor. The Raptors coach will actually make an appearance next Monday in an episode of « Murdoch’s Mysteries. » No, no, it is not a joke.

Canadian series aired since 2008, « The Murdoch Mysteries » continue to run on the CBC network and next Monday’s episode will not really be like the others. Because yes, you read correctly, Nick Nurse will appear on the screen. His role ? A locker room attendant, with the beret, the little round glasses and the bow tie. Clearly, the outfit fits her like a glove. But as you can imagine, basketball is never far away as Nick will highlight his coaching background in a scene that looks pretty likable. You will see, he will even manage to place the name « Raptors » at some point.

“We shot that a while ago. These people called me and I said, ‘sure, let’s see what happens’. I tried to let myself be coached. It’s fun and it’s an honor to be able to do this stuff.

Hope you can take a look. You’re going to have to tell me what you think. »

– Nick Nurse, via ESPN

You may have never seen Nick Nurse behind the screen outside of the NBA context, but know that this is not the first time he has put on the actor’s costume. In December 2020, before the start of the 66-game regular season, the Raptors coach made a small appearance in the Canadian series “Private Detectives”. At the time, he played his own role alongside Canadian golfer Mike Weir, among others.

Decidedly, this Nick Nurse always continues to surprise us. We remember some of his facial expressions on the sidelines, which already gave us some indications of his acting potential. And how can we also forget his appearance on stage with the rock band Arkells in the summer of 2019?! No frankly, Nick Nurse, there’s no cooler as an NBA coach.

Text source: TSN

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