From the B series to the Squadra Azzurra

If this name is less familiar to you than certain stars of Italian football such as Alessandro Del Piero or Gianluigi Buffon, the native central defender of Naples, Domenico Criscito, had an unusual football career. The man nicknamed  »Il Grifone » began his studies at the age of 16, in the young team of Genoa FC, which at the time was playing in Serie B of the Italian championship. Spotted by the Juventus club for his athletic abilities, he was loaned there and even played a Champions League match in 2004.

His high-level performances with the Bianconeri earned him a call-up to the U23 and the coach of the Old Lady team, Gian Piero Gasperini, was full of praise for him. But like a Francesco Totti with the AS Roma club, Criscito already carried in his heart the club which allowed him to start his football career. It is therefore natural that the Griffon returns to Genoa FC in 2007.

Considered a rising star of Italian football, the young player was offered a 5-year contract with the Russian club Zenith of Saint-Petersburg. Offer that he will finally accept, his training club having little chance of playing in major European competitions. And we can say that he made the right choice since Marcello Lippi, then coach of the Italian national team, asked him to be one of the 23 selected for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

But after 7 years in Russia, the player, known for his escapades and his hot temper, has finally made his decision. His love of the jersey was too strong and he logically returned to the Genoese club. Appointed captain in stride, he has been playing there as a left-back since 2018, to the delight of Rossolis supporters.

Desires elsewhere?

It is known, football in Italy is like a religion. And the club from the province of Liguria is no exception to the rule. The motto of the club “Puoi girare l’Europa quando vuoi… Genova, nel mondo, siamo noi” which means “you can travel around Europe whenever you want, anywhere in the world, Genoa, that’s us! “, shows the state of mind and the attachment that the supporters and the inhabitants of the city have for their club. The Italians love this player profile: warm blood, undisputed love for the shirt and explosive character inside and outside the pitch. A passion confirmed by sports bettors who do not hesitate to bet big on the beloved team!

Of course, Domenico is the darling of the Luigi Ferraris stadium! Unfortunately, this love story that has lasted for more than 10 years could well see a tragic end, because the Neapolitan could have desires elsewhere. Several sources, including the very serious newspaper “Gazetto dello sport” claim that Criscito could go to the side… From Canada, instead of the Toronto FC club!

Great disappointment for the fans who, not supporting the news, even went so far as to call him a traditore (traitor). The player, currently injured, would have given a verbal agreement to join the Canadian Reds club in March 2022. But a new twist: the defender, who may be upset and stung in his ego following the reactions of the supporters, has since reviewed his desire to cross the Atlantic. According to the Sky Sport Italia media, the latter would even like to stay at Genoa FC in the end. Reason for this umpteenth twist: his training club being to date penultimate in his championship and therefore likely to go down in series B, Domenico would like to help his teammates to stay in the Italian first division. The announcement must have delighted fans of Vecchio Balordo but certainly also disappointed fans of the Canadian club. Even if nothing is official yet, it could be that the player aborts his transfer to be able to finish his career in Genoa. Case to follow in the coming months.

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