FROM FIAT TO FERRARI – Ten car models eagerly awaited in 2022

In 2022, the Fiat Panda will be electric and will have a range of 100 kilometers.

In 2022, the Fiat Panda will be electric and will have a range of 100 kilometers.



In 2022, the trend remains towards electric cars, even if manufacturers have not yet exhausted all their cartridges in terms of thermal propulsion vehicles.

The BMW i4


This year, the Munich manufacturer will launch a large number of electric vehicles on the market. Fans are particularly eager to experience the i4 sports sedan early in the year, as well as the iX SUV. The i4 develops up to 544 hp and can travel up to 590 kilometers. Prices start at 69,900 francs. Its marketing is scheduled for early 2022.

The Corvette Z.06


The eighth-generation Corvette will, for the first time, be equipped with a mid-engine and represent a giant leap for the brand. The Americans are now going even further with the introduction of the Z.06, the most powerful naturally aspirated engine ever. Its 680 hp should allow it to exceed 300 km / h. American fans are already in awe. Its market launch is scheduled for fall 2022.

The Ferrari Purosangue


Aston Martin, Bentley and Lamborghini have long had an SUV in their lineup and made it their favorite, especially in Asia and the United States. In 2022, Ferrari is finally following the movement by launching on the market the “Purosangue” (“thoroughbred” in French), the first SUV, in addition to the brand’s four-door vehicle. It will be powered by a hybrid V6 and the vehicle will be based on a new four-wheel drive platform. Its release is scheduled for winter 2022.

The Fiat Panda


In 2019, the Centoventi concept was one of the favorites on Fiat’s booth at the Geneva Motor Show. Three years later, the new Panda should take over many elements, including electric propulsion, hence the interest in sharing the platform with the Fiat Cinquecento, also electric. The manufacturer announces a range of at least 100 kilometers and a cabin just as spacious as that of its ancestor. Its release is scheduled for fall 2022.

The electric Genesis G80


In 2021, Genesis launched no less than five new models on the market. In 2022, the Koreans are once again stepping up the gas. Or rather electricity. The electric G80 is the first to kick off the 100% electric models from the Hyundai subsidiary. The business sedan is equipped with 800-volt technology and should offer a range of over 500 kilometers. Release scheduled for next spring.

The Maserati Grecale


At 4.85 meters in length, the Grecale will be significantly more compact than Maserati’s luxurious Levante SUV. The brand with the trident thus wants to conquer Italian-loving customers who have driven BMW X3s or Porsche Macans until now. It inherits technology from the Ghibli, with four- and six-cylinder engines to begin with. An electric variant should follow suit. Release scheduled for spring 2022.

The Mercedes-Benz SL

Daimler AG

The new Mercedes-AMG SL returns to its roots with a classic canvas soft top and sporty character. At the same time, the luxurious roadster is particularly suitable for everyday use as a 2 + 2 seater and demonstrates its power for the first time with all-wheel drive. Two models equipped with an AMG V8 engine will be offered at the commercial launch, scheduled for spring 2022.

The Polestar 3


1, 2, 3: Polestar launches its first SUV, the Polestar 3, which should soon gain traction in Europe and the United States. It is there, and not in China or Sweden, that the electric SUV will be built. The technical details remain unknown, even if autonomous driving and a range of more than 600 kilometers are at the top of the specifications. Its marketing is scheduled for summer 2022.

The Toyota BZ 4X


Toyota has long relied on hybrid and plug-in hybrid technology. Today, the Japanese are finally launching a 100% electric model on the market. To start, two versions will be available, respectively developing a power of 204 hp and 218 hp. By 2025, the Japanese automobile group wants to introduce a total of 15 battery-electric vehicles to the world market, including seven “bZ” models. Launch planned for summer 2022.

The VW ID. Buzz


Volkswagen brings back the legendary Bulli with the ID. Buzz. The latter is based on VW’s Modular Electric Platform (MEB) and will likely be available with two battery sizes of 60 and 100 kWh, allowing it to travel between 300 and 500 kilometers. We are particularly excited to see if the electric van will convince surfers, RV fans and California fans to hit the roads in particular. Its release is scheduled for summer 2022.

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