From 2022, two preseason matches will be organized in Abu Dhabi

The NBA is resuming its international openness. After having to put its plans aside due to the health crisis following the meeting between the Charlotte Hornets and the Milwaukee Bucks in Paris in January 2020, the North American basketball league has decided to take on the market. from the Middle East from 2022. 23 years after the victory of the Miami Heat against Maccabi Tel Aviv in October 1999, the NBA will settle in the United Arab Emirates for several seasons, according to information from the American channel ESPN. An agreement has, in fact, been concluded between the Department of Tourism and Culture of Abu Dhabi and the NBA and will materialize in October 2022 with the organization of two preseason meetings in the emirate. The teams involved and the venue for the matches will be confirmed at a later date.

The Middle East to replace China in the eyes of the NBA?

Beyond these matches, the agreement with the Emirati authorities will allow players present or past of the NBA to participate in advertising events, training camps for young people will also be organized as a video game tournament. An agreement with the United Arab Emirates which comes at a time when relations between the North American league and China have very clearly cooled since the statements of Daryl Morey, then general manager of the Houston Rockets. The latter spoke in favor of the demonstrators in Hong Kong. The reaction of the Chinese authorities had been the disappearance of NBA games from the screens, with a deadweight loss for the league of several hundred million dollars. Everything indicates that the two meetings organized in Abu Dhabi will replace in the plans of the NBA those organized regularly in “the Middle Empire” since 2004.

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