FRMF’s strategy to attract dual nationals

The FRMF does not skimp on resources when it comes to convincing dual nationals to choose Morocco as their sports nationality. The most recent cases are El Haddadi, Ezzalzouli, El Khannouss, Zaroury or even the Mmae brothers. Some have nevertheless escaped them, pushing the authorities to put in place a shock strategy such as ultra-modern infrastructures, luxurious hotels, very early detection of talent. In recent years, families have also been called upon to make things easier, reports the last hour.

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Everything is done “to impress and put you at ease from the start. The facilities are worthy of a ten star, it’s much more modern than in Tubize. There are swimming pools, multi-sports grounds, luxury hotels, they have put the means and play on it, it’s impressive. Alongside that, there are very efficient training programs,” underlines Noureddine Moukrim, a former Moroccan international, who, between 2010 and 2019, enabled Morocco to recruit talent in Belgium.

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According to the U23 coach of Union Saint-Gilloise, the authorities in charge of football have a great power of persuasion. They send recruiters all over Europe in search of young nuggets. “The players are approached very early in order to attract them to the Moroccan side. We never force things, it’s an honest discussion with the player and those around him, ”he says.

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But for Abdellatif Khlale, who for more than ten years was a “talent scout” for the FRMF, “the methods towards players are more and more aggressive. There’s a lot of promises involved, money and scammers going around, that’s also why I quit. Some promise on-site housing to families, internships, the possibility of receiving money, all that has become unhealthy, ”he regrets.

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