Fritschi Xenic touring bindings

Product range:

With its legendary Diamir Titanal, Fritschi has integrated the safety, handling comfort and power transfer of an alpine ski binding into a light touring binding. Then his pioneering spirit and audacity gave birth to the Vipec Evo and the Tecton. With the Tecton’s front side release and alpine ski heel cup, Fritschi equips insert bindings originally focused on walking with the safety and features of alpine ski bindings to maximize their downhill performance. The innovative pack of comfort, safety and performance of the lightweight Xenic binding expands the range.

Swiss manufacturing:

The parts made of carbon or glass fiber reinforced plastic or high-performance light alloy are produced in an environmentally friendly manner by specialized companies almost 100% in Switzerland, then assembled one by one in Reichenbach, in the Kander valley, by skillful hands, to then form high quality products. Wealth creation is located almost 100% in Switzerland.

• Xenic 10:

Radically different. Safe hold downhill without blocking, with progressive transfer of forces and reliable release.

Lightness, easy entry and easy handling make the Xenic 10 the eminently agile companion for ski tours on all terrains. The innovative toe piece with horizontal translation pin levers provides a secure hold at the front. At the rear, the extra wide heel support ensures precise steering of the skis. When descending, the longitudinal ski flex compensation of 10 mm ensures reliable triggering at the set value. Features also ideal for beginners.

• Xenic 7:

Radically different. Safe hold downhill without binding, with progressive transfer of forces and reliable release

Optimal security, even for ambitious featherweights. With a DIN adjustment range of 3 to 7, the Xenic 7 offers optimum safety even for very light hikers. Ensuring reliable release even at low setting values ​​is not a given for pin bindings, but it is extremely important for light and very light people

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