Friborg wins Act 1 against Lausanne

The quarter-finals of the National League play-offs have started well for Fribourg. The Dragons dominated Lausanne 2-0.

The packed rink witnessed a real play-off match. The two teams had to reduce the spaces to avoid opposing rushes.

In this context, we will say that the Freibourgese have created more chances in one against one. It was also on a striker-goalkeeper duel that the Dragons were able to double the bet through Andreï Bykov (33rd) and while the Fribourgeois were outnumbered.

The special situations, cited as a possible key to this series and great strength on the Friborg side, allowed Gottéron to make the difference. Christian Dubé’s players, without being brilliant, were able to manage the game at the right times. When they found themselves in power-play at the end of the initial third, they found the fault. It was Killian Mottet, less lively these days but a lethal scorer on the power play, who beat Luca Boltshauser with only 24 seconds left in the first twenty.

Opposite, Lausanne was not unworthy but the Lions lacked something. We knew that John Fust’s men were struggling to realize their chances, it was once again verified tonight. And in front of the Friborg cage, Reto Berra made Reto Berra to sign a shutout.

Rappi surprises Davos

Rapperswil managed to win at home 4-3 against Davos to start their series at best. The Grisons opened the scoring, but the Saint-Galens responded magnificently in the middle period by scoring three goals.

In Zug, the champion had to go through extra time to score the first point against Lugano. A 2-1 victory ap which bears the seal of the wingers of the first line of Zug.

In the last game of the evening, Biel showed great character to win 4-3 ap against Zurich and confirm the point gleaned at Hallenstadion on Wednesday. The Seelanders now lead 2-0 in this series and they have the wind at their back.

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