French women’s team: why the next three months will count

Corinne Deacon gave her roadmap for the next Euro (July 6-31) in England at the end of the match against Slovenia (1-0) on Tuesday, which allowed the Blues to win their ticket for the World Cup 2023 in Australia and New Zealand: « We have the ambition to get the Cup on July 31, we don’t hide it ».

Before thinking about next summer, the coach took the time to stress the importance of the ticket for the southern hemisphere obtained before the last two days of qualifying. « My goal was already for the France team to be able to participate in the 2023 World Cup, » she noted. It is an important thing. The French teams must participate in the biggest competitions. We are not mistaken: the development of our discipline can only exist through its showcase and the showcase, as we know, is us. We still have a long way to go. We know that not everything is perfect, not all the time anyway. »

Despite everything, the countdown before the entry into the running of the Blues at the Euro, on July 10 against Italy, has begun. These are the main axes of the next three months.

Managing a busy end of season

Since the Parisiennes were hung on the lawn of Paris FC (0-0), the suspense for the title of champions of France has lost intensity. The Lyonnaises now have a five-point lead. The clash of May 28 between PSG and OL thus promises to be less decisive. This is not the case, however, with the double European confrontation which is looming between the two rival clubs on the occasion of the semi-final of the Champions League, on April 24 and 30.

This is why Corinne Deacon was right to predict “a busy end to the season for some, especially with the Euros in sight, where we all know that the difficulty will be precisely to remain efficient without injury. So psychologically it’s going to be a difficult time for the players. »

Integrate the list of 23

We already suspected it since Monday when Corinne Deacon explained that « the French team is made up of the best French players, even if sometimes we don’t always take the best, in order to be able to find a balance at team level. “: the list of 23 players selected for the Euro which will be announced at the end of May should not know any revolution.

This Tuesday, after the match against Slovenia, the coach clarified: “I have a few weeks, a few days left to define this list which will not be very far from what I have done lately. There will be no big surprises, no girls who lost points. There will simply be choices to be made. »

Under these conditions Kheira Hamraoui, Amandine Henry or Eugénie Le Sommer have little chance of setting foot on English soil this summer, except to go there on vacation.

Progress further

Before the Euro, the French should meet for a month to prepare for the European tournament. The last defeat of the Habs dates back to a year ago, against the United States (2-0). Since then, they have won twelve games in a row. Asked if the team was at the level of her expectations, Corinne Deacon said: “It is where I wanted it to be in relation to the qualifiers for the World Cup, I am not mistaken in my objective. We had a very, very good Tournoi de France, which we forgot to highlight for other reasons. We do convincing things, against successful teams. »

Despite everything, the coach is aware of the progress to be made to hope to lift the trophy on July 31. “We know that on our last two results everything has not been perfect but the French team has responded present in the difficulty, we see things that settle. When some are a little more in difficulty, it is others who take over. It is a collective that is set up. Now it’s up to me and my staff to ask themselves the right questions, to continue to work well, to prepare well for this Euro. As we have been doing for a while. There are things that are well established. We also know that in terms of the game we still have things to work on. But we still have work to do. Even when you are very good. Always, always. »

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